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HP Fixes VR Backpack PC and It’s Ready to Sell It

HP starts selling its VR backpack PC

It seems like HP has managed to fix and rework its backpack PC concept which it revealed last year. Moreover, the company it’s now ready to begin selling the product. Its name is Omen X Compact Desktop, a rather slim and light gaming PC which you can carry on your back. Also, you can use it for virtual reality. It may sound bizarre at first, but there have been many companies which have tried messing with this idea. Its main advantage is that it allows players to walk around when in virtual reality without worry that they might trip on the cables connecting the PC to the VR headset.

The Omen X Compact Desktop

Since unveiling the PC backpack last year, HP has been making some important design changes. One of the changes is that the PC is now not as flamboyant as before, but a more toned-down version. However, maybe the biggest change is the introduction of a dock for the computer. This addition can transform the backpack into a classic desktop PC. Also, it proves that this PC is not only for VR, but people can also use it as a normal gaming PC or for any other activities. Now, with the addition of the dock, players will be able to connect a monitor, a keyboard or any other accessories.

According to those lucky few who got to test it, the Omen X Compact Desktop is very comfortable to wear. Also, very slim and light. It’s worth noting that its weight might become more and more noticeable as time passes and the player becomes tired. However, for a rather short use, it’s very nice to wear.

The specifications

HP equipped the Omen X Compact with a GeForce GTX 1080 and Kaby Lake i7 processor options. It’s also interesting to note that the computer will sell without its backpack parts which make it portable. This will be useful for those people who may want to buy this PC for other uses than virtual reality. So, the computer’s price will start at $2,499. The backpack accessories will be an additional $599,99. Virtual reality enthusiasts will be able to buy it starting this July. It will be very interesting to see the general reaction to it.

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