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Google Has A School Program to Help Kids with Hackers

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The new “Be Internet Awesome” educational program from Google aims at teaching kids how to protect themselves from phishing, internet harassment, how to have strong passwords and many other important internet security essentials. The program also includes a classroom curriculum and the “Interland” videogame. Teachers, YouTube videographers, and internet safety and literacy organizations worked together in an effort to teach the kids about the dangers of the Internet and how to stay away from them.

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Everybody can learn useful things from this program. However, its main target are children. “Be Internet Awesome” teaches kids that is not right to share everything online and more importantly, that they shouldn’t share personal information. The program also shows children how to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks or scams and how to create very strong passwords. However, maybe one of the most important lessons is how to be a good person and avoid posting negative comments on other people’s social media profiles. In this regard, the program comes with a “Be Internet Awesome Pledge” which students can sign. Google is saying that the International Society for Technology in Education approved the program.

“Be Internet Awesome” comes with lots of quizzes, role-playing games, and many other such fun activities that teach kids about the dangers of the internet. It’s comprised of three different modules, each one taking on a different topic. In “Share with Care”, kids can cross out information that shouldn’t be on a social media profile. Also, information that parents, employees or their future selves will not agree with.

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The “Don’t Fall for fake” module allows kids to decide whether or not some web pages and emails are fake. Finally, “It’s Cool to be Kind” encourages kids to have a decent behavior online. Also, to avoid sending hateful comments and to report and block bullies.

As for “Interland”, the videogame that comes with the program, it doesn’t have that educational feel to it. Instead, it’s a fun activity meant to open the children’s appetite for the program. This is one of the latest efforts from Google to educate children in what concerns the internet. We will see if it will prove effective or if the kids will like it.

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