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Skype Gets Makeover, Introduces Stories

Skype app on a smartphone

Microsoft just released a completely new version of its popular Skype app. Apart from the makeover, the new Skype draws heavily from other messaging applications like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. And when you talk about Snapchat, you talk about Stories and Skype now has them too. The name of the feature is Highlights. Also, another very important change is the camera’s location, now only one swipe away from the chats, much easier to access than before.

Skype gets a complete makeover

According to the company, they have been working on Skype’s makeover for over a year. This is also the biggest change for the app on all plans since it introduced the video-sharing feature, back in 2006. This came as the response to the yet unasked question regarding whether or not is Skype copying Snapchat too. It seems like this is not the case at all. It’s simply something the team has been working on for well over a year because it was time for a refresh. That time happened to coincide with all the Snapchat-clone craze that has been going around for months.

According to Amritansh Raghav, Corporate Vice President of Skype, the new app offers people the chance to meet people in some kind of virtual coffee shop and talk about the news in their lives. It’s not meant as a way to live your life, as many other social apps nowadays are. Instead, the app’s new design focuses on interaction and communication. He called the set of interactions the user’s “personal work”. It’s worth noting that Skype’s network is more closely connected, many of the people using it being friends or family members. So, the main idea behind this revamp was to make it more accessible and a better tool altogether.

Establishing connections and promoting interaction

Skype also introduces its set of bots and chat add-ins, similar to the ones in Facebook Messenger. As for the camera, it’s now much easier to access than ever. You just need to swipe and pull up the camera. After taking a photo or a video, you can also decorate it with lots of fun elements, a la Snapchat. As for the Highlights, they are available for an entire week, not just for a day, like on other apps. Also, your followers can offer reactions to your Highlights with emojis, likes or hearts.

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