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Samsung SoundAssistant will Improve Your Audio Experience

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Samsung has just launched their new app called SoundAssistant which will allow Galaxy users to customize a wide range of audio setting on their devices. According to the company, this app offers 150 steps of volume adjustment. It also offers stereo and mono balancing, and also the ability for the user to set different volumes for different apps. It’s an interesting addition, especially for those who are passionate about music and sounds and who want to have the best experience possible, even on a small device.

The SoundAssistant

It’s worth noting that the SoundAssistant can modify the hardware volume keys so that the media volume influences them, not the call volume. These keys usually control the volume of whatever is playing at that moment. However, they don’t always do this and can sometimes alter the volume of other settings or apps. This will be very useful for those people who always have their phone on silent mode. It’s more useful to have the keys default to the media volume than to the call volume.

For those people who have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, the SoundAssistant will allow you to set your own outputs for different apps. For example, you can set YouTube to run on a Bluetooth speaker while having a game set for the phone’s speaker. The app provides audio settings many users probably always wished they had access to. It’s worth mentioning that at the moment, the app is available for free only for those people with a Galaxy S7 or S8 device. For the other models, users should check to see if the app works. They should also check if it’s for free too.

A wide range of audio controls

Samsung expects many Android users to download and at least try this new app. From what they’re saying, it can prove to be an extremely useful asset. Users can also hope that the company will make it available for the non-Galaxy devices too. Also, for the devices without the Android 0.7 Nougat operating system. We will see how the users will receive this interesting app. Also, if it indeed does everything it says it does, or if it’s just advertisement without any substance.

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