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Leaks Show Desired iPhone 8 Design

Apple iPhone 8 leaks

A couple of brand-new images have leaked over the last few days. They are supposedly showing the design of the highly-anticipated iPhone 8 smartphone, from Apple. Those images include some CAD schematics and pictures of a dummy iPhone in a protective case. The CAD images first appeared on SlashLeaks but one of the most active leakers in the tech industry recently confirmed them via Twitter. Nobody knows if his info is legit or the leaks accurate but at the moment, this is all we have.

New iPhone 8 leaks

According to the CAD images, people might think that the circle on the back of the device is the fingerprint sensor. This would mean that the iPhone 8 will after all have it on its back, even if everybody hates this idea. However, the leaker, Benjamin Geskin denied that ever been the case. Instead, he said that the circle on the back is actually the spot where the Apple logo will go. Then, he also posted yet another CAD image and by the looks of it, he seems right about the logo placement.

As for SlashLeaks, they too posted a series of images which show a dummy iPhone 8 device. The only difference is that the unit seems to be in a protective case. However, many people have said that the design of the case indicates that the new device will have a vertical rear camera. Also, some were very happy because there is no fingerprint sensor on the case’s back. The power button will also supposedly be different, a little bit more elongated than on its predecessors.  

The design everybody is hoping for

The last leaked image shows an iPhone 8 in a wallet case. However, many people have pointed out that the image has been tampered with. The phone’s corners look weird and altered. Still, this does not necessarily mean that that the people who released these leaks don’t have the correct info on the iPhone 8. Many of them cannot get their hands on dummy units, so they modify images so that they resemble what they saw. Still, until Apple makes an official announcement, all of this is just speculation.

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