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The New Router from Asus is Different

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The new router from Asus looks different than any other router on the market right now. It actually has more in common with some sort of air freshener than with a router. It’s also not a fan, humidifier or heater. Asus’ new router has this unusual design because it wants to deliver the best wi-fi experience possible. Some have called it weird, while others admitted that don’t mind the new design as long as the device is qualitative.

An unusual design for a router

Asus launched their Blue Cave router at this year’s Computex. It’s actually an AC2600 dual-band wi-fi router which promises to offer the customer the best internet possible for a home. The fact that it has that hole in the middle, according to reports, is very clever and It helps with delivering the best signal. The hole actually separates the antennas from the motherboard. It has the antennas on the upper part of the router and many have praised this change. They are saying that it’s actually a great alternative than having the antennas on the side, as routers usually do. Also, it helps that they are inside the router’s case, not outside, exposed to dangers. At the same time, its motherboard is on the bottom part of the Blue Cave.

As for performance, the Blue cave router promises to deliver 4K videos and has support for wireless file sharing. All of those without any lag, or so it promises at least. Moreover, the router comes with Alexa and IFTTT integration, for those who fancy these kinds of things. It’s interesting to note that the Blue Cave also reportedly comes with a mobile app specifically designed for it. This app will allow users to customize their experience with Blue Cave. For example, one of the most useful features is that the app will send notifications if it detects any threat or possible hack.

The Blue Cave Experience

As for the price, Asus said that it will start at $180 at launch. However, the company failed to offer any details about when the router will become available for everyone. Also, they did not say where it will be available. All in all, we will see what the reactions are going to be for this unusual device which promises to be one of the best on the market.

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