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Changes in “Final Fantasy 7” Remake Development

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It seems like the remake of Square Enix’s much-loved “Final Fantasy 7” videogame is still underway. However, it went through a series of development changes lately. According to reports, the publisher recently announced via a livestream that now, Square Enix is internally taking care of the project. The company gave up on relying on external support and has decided to take the wheel. Also, the main programmer of the videogame “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” Haoki Hamguchi is now the one in charge of the remake’s development at Square Enix.

Changes in development

During a livestream for Mobius Final Fantasy, for which he is also project lead, Hamaguchi said that he has decided to lead the development side for the “Final Fantasy 7” remake. He also talked about the entire situation and said that until now, it was going forward with external help too. However, Square Enix has decided to change something and it’s now going forward with an internal setup. This also includes mass production and quality. He specified that they want to check everything internally, including quality, and to make it on a stable schedule. Hamaguchi assured fans that he will not be leaving the Mobius Final Fantasy project either.

On the series’ 30-year anniversary, Sqaure Enix released a new promotional image of the game. The art show main character Cloud with his sword standing in front of Midgar. At the same time, villain Sephiroth is behind, towering over the entire city. However, at the event, the publisher did not offer any more details on the remake which disappointed many fans of the franchise. Director Tetsuya Nomura, who is working on “Kingdom Hearts III”, said that both this project and the remake still have a long way to go. However, that is hoping that he will be able to show them both sometime in 2017.

The mystery surrounding the remake

“Final fantasy VII” remake will be coming to PlayStation 4. However, Square Enix warned fans to not expect it until 2018 at the soonest. So, the game is not coming too soon as they probably have a lot to work. Also, Square Enix probably wants to make the best game possible and to honor such a cult classic of the genre.

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