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Judy Malware Infects Millions of Android Devices

A malware attack

On Thursday, May 25, security firm Check Point revealed a comprehensive list of potentially dangerous Android apps. These applications reportedly infected millions of Android devices with malicious ad-click software. One of those apps had been available for everyone on Google’s Play Store for over a year. The firm is also saying that the malware has until now managed to infect about 36.5 million Android devices. However, they still don’t know how widespread it actually is. Most of those apps were hidden under the brand called “Judy”, with many of them being cooking and fashion mobile games.

The danger of Judy

According to Check Point, nobody noticed the malicious nature of the apps because those malicious effects were taken from a non-Google server after the user installed them. After the malicious code entered the device, it would begin accessing Google ads. This happened because the ads are usually generating ad revenue to the creator of the malware. This is also the way in which Judy managed to bypass Google’s Play protection system called Bounce.

It seems like Korean company Kiniwini is responsible for the malicious apps. They appear in the Play Store as ENISTUDIO corp. They also publish apps for both Android and iOS devices. However, there are some rather simple ways in which users can keep safe from those kinds of malicious apps. And an open software such as Android is indeed very vulnerable.

Users should keep safe!

Firstly, users should first check the reviews the app they’re downloading has on the app store. Most of the times the users will say if the app is malicious or has any other problems. Also, users should always keep up with the latest system updates. An outdated operating system is a vulnerable one. There is another way in which users can protect themselves from any malicious activity from an unsecured network. That is to use a VPN. It will stop any perpetrator from infecting your device.

A good antivirus program is also a must if the user wants to keep their device clean and secure. Some apps are free while others have yearly subscription rates. Some even offer protection for multiple devices. Lastly, the user should have a strong password. Numbers, letters and strange symbols make the best and safest passwords.

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