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Not only Amazon, Domino’s, UPS, Google also working on delivery drones

Not only Amazon, Google is also said to be working on delivery drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) since last year in their Google X Lab and may be they will use the service on their Google Shopping Express.


Last week, Amazon has unveiled its intentions on same-day delivery of the Amazon packages within 30 minutes to its customers via Prime Air drones. Now Google might announce their similar or more advanced drones as well as driverless cars made out of Google X Lab soon.

Seth Weintraub of 9to5Google blog already reported about this in Feb 2013, where he said,

Along with Glass, Google will have an opportunity to demonstrate other upcoming and Google X projects like driverless cars and mini-drone delivery systems at its stores.

Adding proof to this, Google has recently started the same-day delivery shopping experience on their Google Shopping Express, which is currently servicing in SF Bay Area and Peninsula & San Jose. Variety of retailers such as American Eagle, Staples, Walgreen, Taret, Costco, Guitar Center, L’occitane, Office Depot and REI are included for this service, where Google delivers the items. Google might deliver those products via its unmanned aerial vehicles soon.

However, Domino’s Pizza also announced their Domicopter early in this year and according to The Verge, world’s largest parcel service, UPS also quietly working on these drones to deliver the parcels.

Optimistically, all these companies might announce their drone services in or around 2015, but the commercial drone flights aren’t made legally yet. Currently those drones used for photography are only allowed to fly below 400 feet, but for the commercial drones, which carries packages around 5 pounds to travel upto 10 miles need some more height. Although the technology will be ready in 2015, it will be a daily tools for the company, only if the laws allows it to fly through the dense cities full of skyscrapers.

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