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Ubisoft Unveils “Far Cry 5” Art and Worldwide Reveal

"Far Cry 2" image from Ubisoft

On May 24, Ubisoft decided to reveal the official art for their upcoming and much-anticipated “Far Cry 5” videogame. Many people have said that it’s one of the most provocative and intriguing promotional images for a game. The company posted the image with a Twitter message in which they also announced the official worldwide reveal which will take place on 26 May.

The official reveal of “Far Cry 5”

In the official art, fans can see a group of men who are heavily-armed and look very intimidating. Also, there is a girl and a wolf among them. They are all sitting at a table which heavily resembles the Last Supper. A United States flag is on the table but modified, with crosses instead of stars. In the middle, there is a bearded man, dressed in a suit and wearing yellow sunglasses. He also resembles some kid of Messiah figure, with his arms open. In front of the table, but sitting on the ground, it’s a very beaten man, tied and with the word “sinner” written on his bare back.

It is a very interesting and also unexpected move from Ubisoft to bring the series to America. “Far Cry” has always been about the location but those were usually remote ones, either in the Pacific, Tibet or even the Stone Age. Previous games in the series have also created a tradition in having very charismatic and unforgettable villains. However, even if this move is unexpected, experts are saying that it’s the boldest one Ubisoft has done since “Far Cry 2”.

Hope County, Montana

The setting for the upcoming game will apparently be a place called Hope Country, Montana. As we have seen from the short teaser trailers, this seems like a perfect environment for a western-style story. However, this means that Ubisoft will no longer be able to make the player hunt down animals, run from savages or use a bow and arrow. Hope Country appears to be a vast territory with mountains, forests, hills, which the player will surely be able to explore. However, some have wondered who will the enemies be? If the environment and the theme changes so much, they should change too. Nobody knows at the moment, but Ubisoft will surely reveal more details during the official worldwide reveal.

Image source: flickr

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