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Microsoft Announces Surface Pro. It’s Tablet vs Laptop Now?

Tablet near laptop

This week, Microsoft just announced their new Surface Pro which is meant as a successor to their other tablet/laptop hybrid called Surface Pro 4. At the same time, rumor has it that Apple is currently also working on a new iPad Pro which it may reveal in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference. So, it seems like those new releases will trigger yet another round of discussions and debates regarding the possibility of a tablet ever replacing a laptop. And companies are not making this easier. Microsoft for example is claiming that the new Surface Pro is not a tablet but a “versatile laptop”. The most interesting par tis that it does not come with a keyboard. So, to the price of $799 you must add another $129 if you want to actually consider it a laptop.

Laptop versus tablet

Experts are saying that this debate should no longer exist because the lines between laptops and tables has become so thin that it may disappear forever. So, people should no longer ask themselves whether or not a tablet can replace their laptop. But whether a tablet or a laptop can fit their necessities. The best example experts offer is that of the new DeX accessory which came with Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone. The DeX lets you connect the phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard and sue it as a computer. However, it cannot really be called a computer because the experience is not exactly the same. The same thing happens with the Surface Pro. If someone detaches its screen, is it a laptop as Microsoft claims, or a tablet?

The main idea is that every person should use their devices however they like to. Maybe someone prefers a tablet while someone else wants a laptop because if feels more like a computer. There are times when our smartphones successfully substitute a tablet or a laptop. So, the topic has become rather complex, especially with the advancements the technology nowadays makes.

A complex subject

As for the apps, most of them are now available for all the operating systems and for all the devices. So, this should also not be a problem. Ultimately, it all becomes a question of choice and personal preference. And as long as some people will prefer laptops over tablets or the other way around, the answer to this question remains open.

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