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Ubisoft Confirms “Far Cry 5” Rumors

Far Cry Primal screenshot

It seems like all the rumors were true and on Monday, Ubisoft decided to reveal their upcoming “Far Cry 5” videogame. The company chose to make the big reveal using a series of teaser trailers which unveil a new setting for the game: Hope County, Montana. From the trailers, it appears to be some kind of Western countryside which, as usually, has its dark and violent secrets. We still don’t know if it will also have the now famous radio towers that unlock parts of the map. Ubisoft said that the full reveal of the game will take place on May 26, this Friday. However, fans should know that a big reveal does not necessarily mean that the company will offer any details on the game. They are probably waiting for E3 to do that.

“Far Cry 5” is close

Early rumors were stating that the game will center around some kid of religious cult. A violent one. Fans can even see a man getting his head smashed into a church bell in one of the trailers. The “Far Cry” series has made it a tradition to have only one interesting and often charismatic villain to do all the dirty work. This time, that will be the apparent cult leader. The Friday reveal will probably revolve around the actor cast in that particular role. Also, it may offer fans a taste of its monologues because surely there will be plenty of them.

As for the setting of the game, it is really a big change. People should not forget that the “Far Cry” series made them visit the Himalayas, the African Savannah, the Pacific island and even a sci-fi future and the Stone Age. This time, the player will have a Western World to explore and try to survive in. This move is expected because the setting has always been a huge part of this series.

Visiting a Western World

Montana might not seem savage enough to be a “Far Cry” setting, but from the trailers, it is remote enough to offer this impression. Still, Ubisoft probably changed something with this new game, especially because “Far Cry 4” received criticism for relying too much on the success of its predecessor. With “Far Cry Primal” they changed some things. So, probably, they will change some here too.

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