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Amazon Introduces Echo Look App

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It seems like Amazon wants to take a huge dive into the world of selfie cameras and began by introducing the new Echo Look companion app for iOS and Android. The app works with Echo’s connected camera and allows the users to take pictures of their outfits, compare them, select their favorites and more. It is interesting that only one month after the official announcement of the Echo Look device, the app became available in app stores, over the weekend. Amazon had previously offered some details about the way Look would work, but nobody expected it to roll out so soon.

The Echo Look companion app

Users should know that this companion app only works with Amazon’s $200 Look camera. The interesting thing with this camera is that it can take full-length photos and short videos of the user through a depth-sensing camera. The camera also has built-in LED lighting and even computer vision-based background blur. Moreover, people can also use Look as a substitute for the basic Alexa device which can offer help. For example, it can read news, play music, give weather forecasts, launch apps and even set timers.

Amazon also has a new service called Style Check, which the new app has support for. The service uses machine learning technology and combines it with advices from actual human fashion specialists. It is designed to offer you a helping hand when it comes to your outfit. Amazon actually launched this service before the Echo Look on their website and on its mobile app. So, apart from this feature, the Echo Look app includes some other useful tools. Some of them help you to view and mark as favorites certain outfits, allowing you to create entire look books of your style. You can then access those whenever you want to.

A fashion adviser

Amazon is encouraging users to save their outfit photos in this app instead of deleting them. This way, it has access to what is in the users’ closets, what outfits they like more and what their style is. It is interesting that this move might help the company’s fashion plans a lot. Look is only at the beginning, but in the future, it may grow to include other features. For example, the ability to take measurements or make recommendations.

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