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Upcoming Apple iPhone 8, The Most Expensive One

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According to some reports from analysts, Apple will set the starting price of the upcoming iPhone 8 at about $1,000. It is worth noting that the iPhone have always been more expensive than the rest of the smartphones on the market, but this upcoming model will exceed them all. The reason for this is that the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive one to build.

The iPhone 8 is expensive to build

Firstly, it seems like the component supplier for Apple, TPK Holdings, has quoted 2-2.5x the price for integrating the 3D Touch the upcoming iPhone’s display. Seeing how Apple has accepted, this means that about $18 to $22 of the price will go to TPK. And the reason for this move is mainly the new OLED display. Moreover, this is just one of the new component price rises. Other reports are saying that OLED will raise the overall manufacturing cost with $35. The new “3D sensing” technology which the camera of the phone will have adds $20 and the improved memory of the device will also add $16 to $29, in comparison with last year’s costs.

The new 3D Touch module will add to the costs which will reach about $100. And this may not be all. The new device will have some other new additions like the wireless charging and the quick charging. So, the current iPhone 7 Plus device sells for $969. Keeping in mind that Apple still needs to make profit from the devices, a price of $1,000 seems really close to reality and almost too good to be true.

Apple has everything set up

However, it is not like Apple is just now discovering those issues. The iPhone 8 is close and the company has undoubtedly figured out the design and everything it supposes until now. Also, they know how much it costs to manufacture the new model. This is no surprise for the company. Apart from this, Apple was never a company to shy away from raising prices. They also did this with the most recent generation of MacBook Pro. So, they can sell the new iPhone for over $1,000, but they should first be sure that it will be worth this much. After all, people have learned to select their devices and will not pay any dollar on a disappointing one.

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