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Google Photos Will Let You Print Books

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Google Photos just introduces three new features which will help those people who have too many photos and do not have time to deal with them all. Since its launch two years ago, Google Photos has never introduced such a big update. Among them are some sharing and printing features which might prove very useful for some people. So, users will soon be able to order entire physical books of their photos and share them with your close ones. Also, users will receive clues about what to share and with which persons, all based on their location or face recognition feature.

A trio of updates for Google Photos

Google Photos, which launched back in 2015, has been one of the companies hits. According to Aravind Krishnaswamy, Google Photos’ head of engineering, over 500 million people use the service each month. Moreover, they are reportedly backing up about 1.2 billion photos each day. It is worth noting that the service allows users to store compressed photos for free. For storing full size files, they need to pay. So, thanks to this, people will not have to worry about what picture to keep and what picture to delete. Everyone nowadays has this dilemma, and Google has decided to make the task easier.

So, Google introduced three new updates which are focusing on managing and sharing photos from those huge libraries. The first update is one which allows the user to connect their account with someone else’s. This way, they will be able to immediately see what photos the other one uploads. It is nice that the user can choose what specific photos they want to share. So, the person’s privacy remains intact, if they want to.

Useful features

Another update is a facial recognition-based one. If a user as some photos from a holiday for example, the service will suggest people to share them with based on facial recognition. In their turn, they can do the same and add photos from that same trip. However, maybe the most impressive new feature is the ability to print physical books with your photos. The user can choose certain photos they want printed in a hardcover or softcover book. Those books will start at $9,99 and soon, Google will start suggesting types of books based on various events you took part in.

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