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Google Assistant on iPhone is Good but Limited

Google Assistant on a smartphone

Google’s Assistant has been preparing and waiting its entire short life for this moment. Users are now able to download it as a separate app on their iPhones. For some users at least, because for those who downloaded the Allo app, this will not come as a surprise. Still, the Assistant’s functionality on Google’s mobile messenger app was limited. However, it seems like today, Google is making its virtual helper available in the Apple AppStore, but only for the United States users, for now.

Heading to the iPhone

According to those who have already tested Google Assistant on the iPhone, the little helper proves to already be smarter and friendlier than Apple’s Siri. However, the iOS still limits it very much, so people will still not get to enjoy the full experience. One of the first things that might bother users is that they need to download a separate app to use the Assistant. This means less memory space. And some might wonder why should they do this when they already have Siri? So, there is this problem. The Assistant works directly from your device only if you have an Android-powered one.

Users can make calls and send texts using Google Assistant. However, it is not as easy as Siri does it. For example, if you say or write “Text Jimmy”, it asks the user for the message and then transports them to the Messages app on the phone. Then, the user can choose to send it or not. Siri does not do all those things. It simply sends your message without having to open a messenger app.

Good, but it has its limits

Playing music on Google Assistant can also become quite a puzzling experience. It does not always understand what the user wants to do. If they say they want to listen music from a certain band it usually opens a list of their albums. It also makes the user choose between Apple Music and YouTube. Also, it sometimes can happen that the Assistant is saying a song is playing, but nothing actually happens. Also, because of the restrictions from the iOS, the Google Assistant cannot take selfies, set alarms, call Uber or even post on social media platforms. So, it seems there are still some bugs which need fixing, especially on the iPhone.

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