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Android O is Slowly Taking Shape

The Android mascot

Yesterday’s Google I/O presentation displayed a wide range of ambitions which the company is hoping to fulfill in the near future. However, what attracted the attention of many was maybe Android. More precisely, the new Google version of an operating system called Android O. Mainly, this one takes what was wrongly done in the Google mobile OS and makes it better.

Seems to be heading in the right direction

Firstly, a problem everybody has nowadays is battery life. Android O promises to lengthen it by making some changes which will reduce resource consumption. Especially by those apps running in the background and eating all the battery. For example, when a certain app requires a location update, Android O will give it your last known location. It will not activate the GPS and consume more battery. This is an improvement which should have existed since a long time ago. And with it, Android O might hit the jackpot.

Another useful improvement is the boot up time. Google’s demo Pixel phone with Android O on it started up twice as fast as an already used Pixel phone. It is worth noting that Android O is only in its beta days. Google has implemented some other changes too. For example, a Settings menu which is now streamlined, a useful update on notifications and an app badging features which draws heavily from the iPhone.

Small but important changes

Android O also brings a small change that might prove very important for the users. YouTube Red users can now place the video they are watching in a small window and carry on using their phone. The video-chatting app called Google Duo also works like this. It would be nice for all YouTube users to have this feature available. However, it might happen soon because companies like Netflix will inevitably introduce this feature. So, YouTube will have to keep up. Users just need a little patience.

All in all, the new Android O system is full of little changes that might not look like much, but they surely make a difference. They help it move faster, help the user navigate the phone easier, and are very useful. We will see what is going to happen with the new system, now that the first impression was positive.

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