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The Surge Does Not Excel Story-Wise, but During Combat

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Developer Deck 13 has created an action RPG that draws from games like “Bloodborne’ and “Dark Souls” but adds its owns twists and challenges. The Surge is a sci-fi survival adventure which will keep you entertained from start to finish. However, it will not be because of its story, but because of its combat sequences and intelligent approach. The game has a lengthy campaign but unfortunately, all the locations are mere checkmarks which need to make the player feel like in futuristic industrial area. At a first glance, all the zones look really alike. But at a second glance, each has its own unique design and secrets which the player must navigate through and discover.

It will not win any prizes for its story

It is interesting that The Surge has a really colorful and vibrant color palette, which comes in contrast with what is going on in those areas. The PC version looks good, but the PS4 and Xbox versions look even better. As for the story, it will clearly not win any awards for originality. It has its interesting moments, but it is mainly just the excuse which served as the base of this game. The characters could have evolved beautifully, and in the beginning, there are some clues which point towards that. However, they simply disappear as the game progresses, like the creators simply forgot they had that story.

Details of the story are missing, so it is very hard to follow it, even if it is extremely basic. Most of the dialogue happens during action sequences. This makes the player think that the creators actually wanted to distract them from what that character was saying. Also, the most interesting parts of the game happen after 10 to 15 hours of playing it. It does not help because most of the players will have given upon the game by then.

Entertaining, but very basic

The Surge does something right, like letting you discover the world around you and giving you enough stuff to do so you do not get bored. The combat encounters are the game’s highlights. The fights are extremely satisfying even if they are not the most challenging ones. And your enemies not the brightest either. All in all, The Surge does what it means to without being pretentious. An entertaining game which everyone will forget in a few months.

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