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HTC Hopes to Turn Heads with New U11 Smartphone

HTC U11 metallic blue

On Tuesday morning, HTC announced their new flagship smartphone called U11. The unveiling took place in Taipei and introduced the U11 as an extension of the HTC U Ultra. This is their phablet, which the company released last year and which unfortunately, did not have much of an impact on the United States market. However, this time, the U11 will be released in the United States too, with the help of wireless carrier partners. If it proves to be a good smartphone, some people might look in its direction. Especially now when we see the Samsung Galaxy S8 headset everywhere and people want to differentiate themselves a little.

Creating competition

Everybody has to admit that it is difficult for any other company to draw the attention from the newly-launched Galaxy S8. Apart from being maybe the best smartphone on the market right now, the S8 and S8+ devices also have a unique design an unmatched power. It is hard to compete with something like this. Add a multi-million marketing campaign to that and it becomes clear that any other company should come up with something revolutionary to beat Samsung.

Still, HTC is hoping to bring something new to the table with their U11 flagship smartphone, this year. For once, the styling and the design identity of the phone will reportedly be unlike anything we have seen before. Secondly, HTC has a new feature called Edge Sense which they hope will make people turn their head in its direction. As for the specifications, the U11 keeps the pace with the other current smartphones on the market. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 powers it, it has 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, with microSDXC support of up to 2TB. Also, it has a front-facing camera of 16-megapixels and 12-megapixel rear one.

Keeping up with the trend

It is worth noting that the new HTC U11 will come with USB-C earbuds. Those have active cancellation of noise and a sonar which tunes the sound to fit the listener’s ear canal perfectly. As for the Edge Sense, this is a collection of sensors on the sides of the phone. They can recognize the flexing in the metal. So, users can issue various commands just by pressing a part of the phone’s edge. The HTC U11 will begin shipping on June 9th for $0 down and $29 per month at Sprint, the only carrier in the United States selling the phone.

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