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Nintendo Making Zelda and Pokemon Games for Mobile

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According to a new report, Nintendo is planning to bring some of its most successful games to mobile. So, the company will release a “Legend of Zelda” mobile game. Also, The Pokemon Company, from which Nintendo owns 32 per cent, also plans to bring another card-based title to mobile devices. Sources are saying that the Zelda mobile game will arrive soon after the release of the “Animal Crossing” game, also on mobile. According to Nintendo, this one will be out until April 2018, after delaying it. Still, the same sources are saying that nothing is sure regarding the timing of those releases.  

Zelda goes on mobile

Japanese game developer DeNA, Nintendo’s partner when it comes to mobile games, it reportedly working on this new Zelda title. It does not have an official name at the moment. Both companies declined to make any comment on the matter. As for what kind of mobile game the new Zelda title will be, nothing is certain. It could be something similar to their “Super Mario Run” game, which is free but costs $10 to have all the stages available.

This move is surprising because for entire years, Nintendo said that it would not bring its titles to mobile devices. However, in March 2015, the company said that it had real plan to make mobile games. Until now, the company has released “Miitomo”, “Fire Emblem Heroes”, and “Super Mario Run”. “Animal Crossing” is on its way and the new Zelda title too, apparently. Still, this move should not come as a surprise for the fans. The Zelda franchise is one of the company’s most successful creations. So, at one point, it was normal for them to create a mobile version too.

A new “Pokemon” is on the way too

It is worth noting that the mobile game business has not been the best for Nintendo. They brought in less than $176.4 million in the fiscal last year. As for the Pokemon mobile game, The Pokemon Company is reportedly making a new card-based one. The company also declined to make any comment on the matter. If the reports are true, this would be the first title after the phenomenon called “Pokemon Go”. We will see how things will work out in the end.

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