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Ransomware Cyber Attack Wreaks Havoc all over the World

A cyber attack

On Monday, a ransomware cyber attack provoked panic and distress all over the world. It affected hospitals, schools and offices. A number of 150 countries reportedly felt the attack and the damages done by it are currently unknown. Moreover, experts are saying that the effects of it could extend and become worse because of lingering variations of the attack. It was called “WannaCry” and it reportedly completely blocked the computers in United Kingdom which were part of the hospital network. Those controlling Germany’s national railway were also affected along with lots of companies and agencies from all over the world.

A ransomware cyber attack

A global network of cybersecurity expert fought the attack but it still entered and corrupted lots of computers from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Spain, India and Japan. It affected many others too. According to the Chinese state media, the attack had infected about 29,372 institutions. Also, hundreds of thousands of devices. As for Japan, about 2,000 computers at 600 locations fell victim to the attack. Hitachi and Nissan reportedly had problems because of it, but nothing too serious. Auto manufacturer Renault said that one of its northern France plants did not work on Monday. Its technicians were reportedly trying to fix the issues which the attack had caused.

The attack targeted universities and other institutions in China too. According to some experts, this might be because schools usually have older computers which do not have a good protection. People started complaining on social media platforms. Students could not access their work and some other people could not take their driving tests because the systems of the local traffic police did not work.

Wreaking havoc

The government of Indonesia encouraged businesses to update their systems. Here, the attack blocked patient files on computers in two hospitals in Jakarta. South Korean cinema chain CJ CGV Co. worked hard to restore the servers after the attack prevented them from displaying trailers for the upcoming movies. Cybersecurity officers encouraged all businesses to update their versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Experts are also saying that if someone were to pay that ransom, it would not help at all. After all, those people are criminals and they will not stop here. Since Friday, the attack affected about 200,000 people and the numbers are still going up, even as experts are fighting it.

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