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Google Search Will Now Show You Nearby Events

Google Search

On Wednesday, Google updated its app and mobile experience in the United States. The purpose of this new update is to help users even more than before. So, Google Search will from now on find the nearest concerts, events, festivals or matches in your area. It will display them to you, even if they are happening now or in the near future. According to the company, their decision to introduce this feature was heavily influenced by the millions of daily searches for local events.

A helpful new update

It is worth noting that while Google thought to introduce this new and helpful feature now, Facebook has been doing this for years. And it has also been dominating the phenomenon. According to a report from last fall, 100 million people are using this feature daily. The owners of Facebook Pages are able to keep a list of their events. People can then mark them or say whether or not they are interested in attending. It is interesting that those Even activities are public for everyone to see, so if a friend goes to a certain concert, someone else can join in.

Another popular practice for event goers is to check for tickets on the ticket sellers’ apps. They no longer search the web for such things. So, Google loses again in this area. The company wants to make things easier to access and organize them better, in the hope of attracting more people. To do this, Google has begun collaborating with some event sites to make their events appear on Google Search. Therefore from now on, when people will type in something even remotely related to a certain event, an entire list will appear, helping them choose more easily.

Trying to keep up

Also, people will be able to see all the details regarding certain events at a first glance. For example, the title, date, time and location will all appear under the event. If you want an even more expanded list, you can click on “more events” and lots will appear. Then, if you are interested, you can buy tickets directly from the website. It is worth noting that you will also be able to type in “events near me” in search and every important thing happening in your area will appear.

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