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BioWare Responds to “Mass Effect: Andromeda” Reactions

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During Tuesday’s earnings call, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson talked about the delay of BioWare’s new IP. He also touched on the subject of the mixed reaction the new RPG “Mass Effect: Andromeda” received from critics. He began by saying the he would lie if he said he would not have liked the game to receive bigger scores. Still, he declared himself very proud of the game and he is glad that some players thought it to be exactly what they needed.

The reactions to “Mass Effect: Andromeda”

According to Wilson, “Mass Effect: Andromeda” is a game that was in development for a very long time because the team wanted it to be close to perfection. It is also the bearer of some things that BioWare has become famous for like story, depth, imagination. He continued by saying that the game indeed got lower reviews than he would have liked. However, it also received over 100 reviews which gave it an over 80 score. Basically, the new game appealed to a certain category of players. They looked for specific things and they found them while playing the game. Others, the majority of them, did not, apparently.

Wilson considers “Andromeda” a very good game, representative of BioWare’s approach when it comes to great RPGs. As for the game’s multiplayer, the CEO said that BioWare will keep on providing new content for it. Still, even if this recent game was maybe not as well received as they would have liked, the expectation going forward are still high in what concerns the “Mass Effect” series. The studio has not announced a new game, but there is reportedly a movie in the works, based off the game’s story and immersive universe.

The delay of BioWare’s IP

When it comes to BioWare’s IP, Wilson also stated that the company’s creative process is a long one. So, innovation is one of the key elements they want to apply in all their games. And this takes time. So, they chose to give the team more time to innovate and to introduce some never-before-seen elements in their games. Wilson ended by saying that an official announcement about IP might come in the following months. Most probably at E3, in June.

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