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Google Acquired VR Studio Owlchemy Labs

Owlchemy Labs' Job Simulator

On Wednesday, Google made the official announcement that it is buying the successful virtual reality studio Owlchemy Labs. This is the same studio which has created “Job Simulator” and “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality”. It is worth noting that the studio will keep on releasing virtual reality-based games, on multiple platforms. The only difference will be that Google will support it from now on. The same thing happened to the Skillman & Hackett studio back in 2015, which Google also acquired.

Entering the VR business

According to Owlchemy co-founder Alex Schwartz, the studio has a lot of original games in production at the moment. They will keep on doing the same thing they did before the Google deal. Schwartz also admitted that the entire team is very excited to now have the support of such a tech giant. Gamers might know Owlchemy for their games which closely mimic using your real hands. It is worth noting that in a blog post, the studio reassured gamers that its direction is not going to change at all. Their games are still going to focus on this aspect. Interestingly enough, the other virtual studio which Google acquired, Daydream, focuses on a completely different technique. They use a remote which has limited motion controls.

Google VR and AR engineering director Relja Markovic is saying that the company has some very big plans in what concerns virtual and augmented reality. Apart from Daydream, which everybody loves, there will be many thing to come in the near future. Indeed, what he says is ambiguous and does not offer too much detail. He also noted that in the past, Google has released products which were not for its headsets. For example, “Tilt Brush” and Google Earth. Still, the acquisition of Owlchemy could prove to be something entirely different than any other virtual reality experience in existence right now.

Big plans for the future

Both Schwartz and Markovic said that Owlchemy will continue to communicate and interact with the bigger virtual reality developing community. After all, this is the best way to keep up with the latest trends and news. It is interesting to note that Owlchemy Labs was not a virtual reality studio since its beginning. At first, it released the highly-controversial game “Smuggle Truck”. It was also one of the very first studios to interact with the Oculus Rift.

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