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Google Working on New Operating System called Fuchsia

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Even if Google has the most popular operating system in the world, the Android, it seems like the company is not satisfied. Because of this, it has begun building a new one last summer, called Fuchsia. Since the news broke out, many people have started wondering what is the purpose of this new operating system? Does the company want to replace the Android soon?

Some interesting details

According to some new information, the mysterious new operating system Fuchsia now has a user interface. It is for now called Armadillo, and it is card-based. More precisely, users can drag cards around and even use them in a split screen format. Still, where did Google come with this rather unusual idea? Well, Fuchsia has absolutely nothing to do with Android nor Chrome OS.

It is completely made by Google and it is not based on Linux. It basically exists since the summer of 2016, but the company only recently updated it. The tech giant built it on its own core called Magenta. The company even used the graphics renderer called “Escher” which is based on Vulkan. So, it is all made by Google, unlike Android. However, for the moment, nobody knows what Google is up to with Fuchsia but more details are expected to emerge soon.

The mysterious Fuchsia

As for the way Fuchsia works, its Google card menu acts like some sort of recent apps one. It also has a home screen with the user’s profile photo in the center. If the user taps it, it reveals a lot of settings including brightness and volume ones. The menu also opens and closes with a very fluid and nice animation. However, it is hard to predict anything regarding Fuchsia as nothing is working at the moment.

Still, those interested on Fuchsia should keep in mind that Google has not finalized anything yet. Everything can change. As for the possibility for Fuchsia to replace the Android operating system, experts are saying that it might happen. Everyone should remember that Google created Android before Apple made the iOS. So, the base if the system is very old and even updated, you can sometimes feel this. We will see if Google will offer new information on Fuchsia in the near future.

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