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DeX Station, Not as Groundbreaking as Samsung Thought

Samsung DeX Station

The idea Samsung had was apparently a very good and useful one. The company thought about a way in which people could use their smartphone to do their daily work which would normally require a desktop. So, they came up with the Samsung DeX Station. A small piece of plastic which acts like a dock for the Galaxy S8 or S8+ when opened up. You can then plug this little piece to a monitor, a mouse, a keyboard and you have a brand-new computer. It sounded attractive and like an economy solution. Why buy a new computer when you already have a smaller one, in your pocket?

Samsung’s DeX Station

The design of the little device is very attractive too. It does not take a lot of space on your desk and it is very easy to use. One of the problems is that it does not weight too much. So, you can easily push it off the desk or the wires can drag it down. If it falls, it will most probably break the smartphone in it too. So, users should really be careful how they handle it.

In order to start using the device, you will need to plug in a HDMI cable which connects to the monitor and a charging cable. This is mandatory and users will have to buy a separate one because Samsung does not offer it for free. You can then connect the mouse and the keyboard too. The last step is to plus the Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphone into the little device. It is worth noting that Samsung has managed to do the best job when it comes to smartphones being used as desktops. However, the DeX Station is not even close to being perfect.

It has its flaws

For example, you can have multiple app windows opened at once but you will not be able to multitask on them. You will still need to focus on each one separately. You are also not able to play two videos at the same time. This is not a very big problem, but it can get annoying at times. However, maybe the biggest problem with the Station is that the user cannot receive help from its Bixby virtual assistant. It is somehow ironical and it does not make much sense either. We will see of Samsung will decide to fix this later or if we will have to deal with this.

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