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Prey is Complex but All Over the Place

Official cover art for Prey

The premise on which Prey starts is rather simple. The main character wakes up after a disaster, in a space colony. With a completely empty memory, he is trying to figure out what happened. Until an artificial intelligence tells everyone that the aliens on board have turned the crew members into horrifying monsters. So, they are the only ones who can stop the creatures using the weapons on the ship and some interesting psychic abilities. Prey takes inspiration from older and very popular games like Bioshock or Dead Space. However, studio Arkane (the same one who brought players the Dishonored videogame) has tried to blend the old with the new in a good survival horror game. One that could have been better.

A complex survival horror

Prey is not going to win any originality awards, that is for sure. However, it follows the recipe that Arkane is known for. It is a complex game. One full of action which is not always so well-executed. It is also the type of game that wants to accomplish so much that in the end, it cannot push together all the missing pieces. So, it ends up disappointing the players.

Prey’s action is taking place in the year 2035. Main character Morgan Yu is working on the station called Talos-1. The idea is that Morgan family’s company has started a secret program which has the purpose of studying a certain race of aliens: the Typhon. However, all hell breaks loose and Morgan must now destroy the station at any cost, following the instructions of January, an artificial intelligence created by her (or him) before ending up with amnesia.

Good, but could have been better

The enemies in this game are interesting to say the least. They are not your generic horror space monsters. One of the most ingenious ones is the mimic. This creature is able to disguise itself as anything in the room. So, it can attack you at any time and you would not know it was there all along. It helps with the horror vibe when you do not know if the chair will jump at you or not. The environments in Prey look very good but do not have a very strong identity. Its gameplay is fluid and in the end, the player feels satisfied with the outcome.

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