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New iPhone 8 Details Will Disappoint Users

A prototype of iPhone 8

The leaks we got and the rumors we heard until now about the much-anticipated Apple iPhone 8 were very exciting. So exciting that Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that the sales for the device have slowed down in anticipation of the new one. However, there is some new information coming from JPMorgan Chase. And according to it, the new iPhone might not be what fans expected. Moreover, it may disappoint them greatly.

New information

Giant JPMorgan claims in a report that Apple‘s plans in regards with the future of the iPhone could prove disastrous and disappointing, especially for the fans. The renders for the upcoming device that have been released online for everyone to see are reportedly partially true. According to the report, the new model will not have 4mm bezels around the display. Instead, the device will supposedly resemble the Samsung Galaxy S8. This means that it will have an edge-to-edge display. However, the top and bottom bezels will still be there, very much visible.

As for the new iPhone 7s and 7S Plus devices, those will keep the basic design used by Apple since the iPhone 6. The only difference it will be the fact that they will have backs made out of glass, like the iPhone 8. It is worth noting that many considered this glass back idea a vulnerability when Apple was planning to introduce it on the iPhone 4 and 4S. Still, the back of the device made out of glass will make it easier to implement wireless charging. The iPhone 8 will be made out of stainless steel and glass, in order to offer a more luxurious approach.

Fans might be disappointed

According to the same report from JPMorgan, Apple is still not sure about the way it will introduce the Touch ID into the front panel of the device. The iPhone 8 will reportedly come with a battery which will have 30 per cent more capacity. Also, with a rear dual camera. Still, maybe one of the most interesting information is that the new device will come with AirPods. And this would be a big mistake from the company. Apple had big supply issues with the AirPods. Customers had to sometimes wait even six weeks of additional shipping time.

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