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Aspects Apple Needs to Improve to Beat Samsung

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Everybody is aware that, as far as smartphone conversations go, there are only two main focal points: Apple and Samsung. Some have tried to change that and succeeded, more or less. Let’s think about Huawei or even Google with their Pixel smartphone. Some might say that the iPhone’s place started to feel threatened. Well, this thing might prove to be true if Apple does not take it one step further and change the game. Especially after the release of the Galaxy S8 smartphone which many characterized as the best one on the market right now. So, what must Apple do in order to not get defeated by Samsung? There are a number of things.

What Apple must improve

When the iPhone 7 was released it was the first ever smartphone without a physical home button. Instead, it had a pressure-sensitive system which only looked like a normal button. However, if we are to believe the rumors, Apple wants to also introduce the completely bezel-less display with their upcoming model, just like Samsung did with their Galaxy S8.

However, there is another problem. The fingerprint sensor which Samsung decided to move on the back of the device, to make room for the extra-large display. However, that idea was maybe one of the most criticized. Because the sensor is right next to the camera lens, repeatedly trying to touch it will inevitably damage the lens and affect the quality of the photos. So, if Apple wants to avoid this, the company will need to think of another spot to place their fingerprint sensor. Rumor has it that Apple is already thinking about placing the sensor underneath the display, while keeping it on the front of the device.

The wireless charging

Apple really needs to finally introduce wireless charging to their phones, especially after Samsung did it so long ago. This is an extremely convenient feature, which gets rid of lots of wires. It also prevents you from losing them or from damaging them and spending more money on replacements. Also, you can charge your phone wherever you are, with no worries. The water resistance is another factor which Apple needs to consider and the company should really keep it. All in all, there are a few things Apple can improve to stay ahead of Samsung. We will see if the company will do this, or if it will slowly fall on the second place when it comes to smartphones.

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