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Blackberry KeyOne, A Good Phone for the Nostalgic Ones

BlackBerry KeyOne

The new BlackBerry KeyOne phone is available this month for $549 unlocked and it may be exactly what those more nostalgic of us needed. It brings back the need to push some tiny buttons in order to write and for some, it can feel like the old times. For others, it may feel like something old and unnecessary, among all those super capable smartphones with their huge displays and no buttons at all.

For the nostalgic ones

It is not about the functionality or speed with which you can work with a Blackberry, because it is not very fast. However, it is more about the feeling you have when you touch all those buttons and feel somehow more productive. Using a BlackBerry again does not feel like wasting time on Twitter or any other social-media platform. It feels like you are completing tasks for your job, making appointments, discussing with your colleagues or sending important e-mails. It feels like working, and maybe this is exactly what BlackBerry aimed for.

People must know from the get go that the new BlackBerry KeyOne is not for those already used with our modern smartphones. Is for that person who still longs for the old times when you had to push buttons to type. It is not the phone for you if you want to send Snaps, watch YouTube videos or make InstaStories. The phone can do all those things, but it is more difficult than on a button-less smartphone.

The BlackBerry KeyOne

The new phone from BlackBerry was built by TCL and it is running on Google’s Android software. Still, people should not worry one bit. The phone still looks and feels like a classic BlackBerry. Even the famous logo is the same, placed on the back of the device. As for the keyboard, a museum piece nowadays, it is extremely well-made. Not that we have too many others to compare it with. Still, the keys are backlit and have a very elegant design.

The phone looks good and it is easy to hold in your hand. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and a giant 3,505mAh battery. So, it has a great battery life which many are going to appreciate. All in all, it is a good phone but only for the more nostalgic ones. If you never loved the BlackBerry, you would better stick with the newer iPhones and Galaxy S smartphones.

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