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Facebook Messenger Wants You on Its Side with Instant Games

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As of recently, Facebook has redirected its creative juices towards Facebook Messenger in a big way. The results came to the benefit of both users and publishers. One of the latest projects is about Instant Games. The feature is now available at a worldwide level, and it is all about having more quality online time with your friends.

Instant Games Are Running on All 1.2 Billion Users’ Apps

Messenger’s new feature is called Instant Games and requires no downloads. The company managed to incorporate HTML5 Canva right in its texting app. The feature has been available in America ever since November. However, as of today, there are going to be 50 entertaining productions that Messenger users around the world can play in their chat boxes. Some of the selections are famous classics such as 8 Ball Pool or Pac-Man.

There are 1.2 billion people who use Facebook Messenger each month. From now on, they can bring some color and adrenaline in their chat tabs thanks to games that can save a poor conversation or idle minutes. On top of that, the company is leaving a door open for publishers in this new project. The idea was presented last month at the F8 conference and was about developing turn-based plays. As such, game makers can level up users’ favorite productions and integrate tournaments and leaderboards in their work.

Words with Friends Is the First Game to Leverage Automated Software

Words with Friends is a co-op crosswords puzzle which was the first game that took advantage of this new opportunity. Zynga developer has recently accepted a fail attempt to move from Facebook to Android and iOS. As such, the company is leveraging Facebook’s platform of bots. The core strategy will focus on enticing users to try new titles through automated software.

Instant Games is a feature with which Facebook hopes to attract more people on its Messenger platform. The level of success of this integration was recorded in the past 90 days. During this time, users enjoyed this feature for 1.5 billion times.

For the moment, the platform has no means of monetization. There are no ads, upfront price tags or in-game purchases to bulge the revenue of Facebook and its publishers. However, things may change in the future. Back in 2009, the company invested heavily in a desktop gaming platform which might support the efforts with Facebook Messenger.

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