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Fitbit Is Entering the Smartwatch Market

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Fitbit wants to continue its Blaze line with a new gadget that can easily penetrate the smartwatch market.

Fitbit was among the first companies that designed one iconic gadget of the modern world, namely the activity tracker. Its smart bracelet is able to measure various indicators of a lifestyle like number of steps, quality of sleep, heart rate, and other such metrics. However, none of the models were close to a proper smartwatch. Nonetheless, things are about to change for the company as leaked photos hint at an upcoming attempt to penetrate the smartwatch market and race with Apple Watch for influence.

Critics Expected Fitbit to Conquer the Smartwatch Market since CES 2016

Back in January 2016, everyone was expecting Fitbit to reveal during CES event a painstaking competitor to Apple Watch. Instead, the company showed off its Blaze line priced at $200. Even though the brand was now in the possession of a unique hybrid between smart and fitness watch, critics knew one thing only. They wanted to see a battle between the two giants that didn’t take place. As such, shares in Fitbit skidded to an all-time low of $18.50. By comparison, before the Blaze announcement, the value of a share was at a comfortable point of $30.

Nonetheless, Fitbit managed to recover from this failed launching event. Eventually, the company reported that its Blaze and ulterior Alta products managed to sell over one million units each. On top of that, Fitbit might actually live up to expectations and plan a conquest of the smartwatch market.

Leaked Files Pointed at a Proper Fitbit Smartwatch

New leaked material is hinting at a proper Apple Watch competitor. The upcoming Fitbit was dubbed as Higgs. The wearable might reportedly cover specs that are worthy of Apple Watch Series 2. The project intends to continue the Blaze legacy. As such, it will feature heart rate monitor, GPS, payment system, music storage, and Pandora streaming. Moreover, users will be able to enjoy this masterpiece for four days straight without charging it.

The price for the much-awaited smartwatch is set at $300. However, the asset might lose some important points at design chapter. The figure is bulky with sharp edges that might remind of a more retro gadget that is not aware of the modern, sleek trend. However, in lack of an official launching date, the company has time to make as many adjustments as it wants.

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