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Overwatch Celebrates New Milestone of 30M Registered Players

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Overwatch was a big hit for its inauguration year of 2016. Nonetheless, the multi-player shooter video game is far from reaching the end of its huge success. On the contrary, the production went on a rampage and managed to attain 30 million registered players. The game enjoys great momentum not only on PC but also on other platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Its hot points are dynamic graphics and vivid characters each with their own distinctive and fun personality.

Overwatch Continues to Be Rich in Content, Gaining New Registered Players

Overwatch showed great potential that managed to earn the company an extra batch of five million registered players since January. At the beginning of the year, Blizzard Entertainment announced 25 million subscribers for the game. Given that the production is already one year old, the evolution is a healthy and promising direction for the company.

The best adopted strategy that kept its community of fans on their toes constantly was delivering regular updates. For instance, Blizzard has only recently launched a fresh cooperative mode that will linger for just a while. During this time, players can learn how to cooperate even better with their partners to deal with new waves of evil robots. This is known as the Uprising event which also brought along new collectible skins and other appealing in-game items.

The limited-time Player versus Environment mode was also a great change for the game to immerse players more in its background stories. As such, gaming enthusiasts had a chance to get to know a little better their favorite characters. For example, users can hear for the first time the story of Soldier: 76 before he lost everything. Moreover, the Reaper character enjoys a more extensive portrayal on how he once used to be the good guy.

Blizzard Wants Overwatch to Become Official Esport

Another attention grabbing strategy applied by Blizzard is introducing the game into esports industry. The multi-player shooter is providing a unique range of combat strategies that started to grow on people. To set the tone for an esport Overwatch, Blizzard started to organize its own tournaments and leagues. One such competition was held during BlizzCon event. The Overwatch World Cup gave international teams a chance to race between themselves for gold.

As such, Blizzard will continue its efforts to raise its Overwatch community of players even further than this. This also plays to the advantage of fans, as they can expect more updates and challenges to come in their favorite shooter production.

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