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Acer Enriches Hybrid Laptop Line with Two New Additions

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Acer is a Taiwanese multinational company that managed to become the world’s sixth largest personal computer vendor back in 2015. While the organization is ceaselessly working on its core IT business branch, Acer did not neglect its wearable devices either. As such, the company enriched its hybrid laptop collection with two brand new notebooks that are ultra-light and are also entering the market with competitive prices.

Swift 3 Hybrid Laptop Works Seamlessly on  7th Generation Intel Core

This week, Acer announced that it intends to mark this year with the introduction of two innovative notebooks. They are known as Acer Swift 3 and Acer Swift 1, and they run silently on Windows 10 OS. Each Hybrid laptop will be available for consumers by the end of 2017. They will firstly arrive in China only to conquer from there the North America and EMEA markets.

First off, Acer Swift 3 appears as a sleek gadget that performs remarkably for people who are road nomads and are always on the move. At only 0.71 in height and 3.9 pounds, the ultra-light design protects the hardware with an aluminum body that feels good under the fingers. The technology is powered by 7th Generation Intel Core processors NVIDIA GeForce or Intel HD graphics.

Acer made sure the new generation of notebooks can support digital activity for up to 10 hours a day. Other productivity-friendly features include anti-glare displays that come in two versions that feature either 15.6 inches or 14 inches.  Moreover, the space capacity is enabled with 1TB HDDs, fast 512GB SSDs, and up to 18 GB of memory. The internet connectivity promises high-reliability thanks to 2×2 MIMO 802.11ac wireless technology.

Acer Swift 1 Was Created for Classroom and Office Activities

On the other hand, the ultra-slim Acer Swift 1 is specially designed for classroom or office activities. The gadget reaches 0.7 inches in height and 2.86 pounds in weight. The metal chassis will come in three different colors, namely Sakura Pink, Pure Silver, and Luxury Gold.

Acer Swift 1 promises to deliver 10 hours of battery life at a time so as not to impair owner’s focus on work. The Full HD IPS display will measure 13.3 inches. The hybrid laptop works on Intel Pentium or Celeron processor. The 4GB of memory will be accompanied by either 256GB, 128GB or 64GB of SS or eMMC storage.

Both new products will come with Windows Hello. This way, Acer clients will access their assets in a more secure and faster way with only their fingerprint. Both sleek Swift 3 and Swift 1 will enter the North America market in June at prices of $599 and $329 respectively.

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