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Instagram Reaches 700 Million Users

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Instagram Reaches 700 Million Users

On Wednesday, Instagram made the official announcement that it reached 700 million active users. Not only is the number very impressive, but the speed with which the platform managed to reach it is even more amazing. In four months, the very popular photo and video-sharing platform managed to gain about 100 million users. The company itself said that it was the shortest amount of time in which it gained this number of users, in its history. Apart from this, the fact that the platform was made easier to use managed to attract even more people to it.

Impressive numbers for Instagram

Instagram became active back in 2010. At the time, it comprised a rather simple concept. Take photos, apply some filters and frames to them, and post which one you liked most. In just two months after it release, it managed to gain 1 million active users. After a year, it had 10 million users. In 2012, Facebook decided to acquire it for $1 billion. That was the beginning of Instagram’s transformation into something extremely popular and used by almost anyone with a smartphone. In time, it added more and more features which only made it even more popular.

The most recent addition are the Collections, where people can save and sort their favorite photos, in a similar way they do on Pinterest. In time, Instagram also added an offline mode and its very popular Stories feature, which many accused of being a Snapchat-copy. If you think about, they are completely right. We need to remember that Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat first, but did not succeed. It is worth noting that in April, the Stories reached 200 million users, more than Snapchat ever had. It may not win any prize for originality, the Stories feature reached its purpose and beat Snapchat at its own game.

Destroying competition

Instagram also surpassed another very popular platform, Twitter. The latter only has 328 million users, which is less than half of Instagram’s. Many people are now wondering what will happen to Twitter. Things do not look good and if they will keep on being bleak, the future might be gloomy. All in all, it seems like Instagram is smashing the competition. We will see if this is just a trend, or if the platform really has big plans for the future.

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