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Google Makes Efforts to Stop “Fake News”

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Google is continuously trying to make its search engine better and better, especially in what concerns the prevention of the so-called “fake news”. In a blog post from Tuesday, the company that it had been working on these changes for about four months now. However, it chose to offer details about them only now. Google is putting all its hopes in a new screening system. It is supposed to reduce the probability for users to see stories that are false about certain events or people.

The fight against “fake news”

According to Ben Gomes, the internet giant’s vice president of engineering for search, this system is not going to solve absolutely all the problems. Still, the company is hoping that it will do enough to lessen the number of untrue stories and thus, it will be a step forward in this modern fight.

Apart from this, Google also reshaped the “autocomplete” feature, which is trying to predict what someone is searching for, when they are typing something in. The company eliminated any offensive suggestion which may have appeared, as well as recommendations promoting violence. Also, for the first time in the search engine’s history, people will be able to send feedback. They will also be able to complain about offensive autocomplete suggestions. In this case, a person from the company will review and eliminate them.

United for a common purpose

Another huge tech company, Facebook, has been trying to stop the spreading of those “fake news”. Especially after people blamed it for having a very big influence on the outcome of the 2016 United States presidential election. So, the company has begun uniting efforts with a number of press associations. They did this in order to better review those stories. Also, to decide which one are true and which ones are questionable.

Moreover, Facebook is also allowing the members of its huge user base to mark certain stories as false. Those pieces are then reviewed by the team and their fate decided. As for Google, the company actually began fighting the “fake news” back in December 2016. At the time, a number of false stories started appearing at the top of the search results. This prompted the tech giant to start this battle. And so, it joined the other tech companies in a war of the modern world.

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