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All You Need to Know About “Dragon Quest Heroes II”

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“Dragon Quest Heroes II” is a JRPG which puts you in the middle of the action and which moves forward very quickly. From some interesting plot twists to new party members, they all come right at you when you least expect them. For example, normally, it can take up to 100 hours for the player to kill 10.000 enemies. This new game allows the player to achieve this in just 10. Apart from this, “Dragon Quest Heroes II” is still a spin-off of the “Dynasty Warriors” series, which is about 20-years old. And the player can feel it especially in the combat system.

“Dragon Quest Heroes II”

The new game differs from its predecessor in what concerns the free roam experience. You can battle whoever you like and how many enemies you like. There are no limitations, and this makes this game extremely fun to play and replay. Even if it is a sequel, you do not need to have played the previous installment to understand what is going on. Still, those who have played the first one will surely recognize some aspects from it.

The player will visit vast lands filled with an infinite number of monsters which you can battle or avoid. You can choose to visit all those places or you can fight everything you see. It all depends on you. For example, the player can ignore the weakest monsters and focus on a bigger target or on hordes of monsters. Also, the player can save some poor NPCs from being eaten alive by those monstrosities.

A good and fun game overall

The story of the game is vast and filled with interesting characters and unexpected situations. And, as any JRPG, the game also has those classical quests of escorting NPCs, killing a specific number of monsters or taking out bosses. However, the game’s free roam system saves it from being just another generic JRPG. As for the combat, it is based more on killing masses of enemies instead of slaughtering each one of them in a cool but endless fight. The characters in the game are both old and new, so there is a nice balance there, especially for the newcomers. Overall, “Dragon Quest Heroes II” is a very well done and fun game which will never become boring or frustrating.

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