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Outlast 2 is Scary but Repetitive

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In the first Outlast videogame, the only choice you had was to either run or hide in order to survive. And this is maybe what impressed the experts and players. That sense of being a complete victim, with no means to defend yourself. Now, three years later, the second installment in the franchise keeps that feeling alive. However, everything is even scarier, there are brand new characters and the environment is completely different.

It differs from the original

The story of Outlast 2 begins when Blake Langermann and wife Lynn crash their helicopter in the Sonoran Desert in the Southwestern United States. As a cameraman and journalist, Blake has no means to defend himself from the hostile locals. So, the location of the game is completely different from the first, yet somehow, there is that same feeling in the air. It is worth noting that in comparison with the first game, in this one Blake talks quite a lot, especially during the cutscenes. However, he knows that he needs to stay quiet when he is hiding from danger, during the gameplay. He occasionally grunts and pants while running, but he does not really talk.

Outlast 2 is a first-person videogame, so the player gets to experience Blake’s horrifying adventures from a very realistic point of view. Another difference from the original game is that the entire adventure does not take place in one single location. The player will find himself trapped inside scary forests, travelling along riverbanks and even in some exotic or snow-filled locations, further along the way. Blake might seem sane and balanced at first, but as things get worse and worse, he slowly begins sliding into insanity. Just as in the first game, the things he experiences will make him mentally vulnerable and instable.

A little bit repetitive

Outlast 2 has some really intense and frequent jump scares. Especially the first time you play the game. However, if you would wish to play it again, they might not have the same effect. Most of the scary moments are scripted and they will be exactly the same the second time. This is the game’s main problem. At one point, it gets repetitive. All in all, Outlast 2 is indeed a good horror game that will most likely keep you up some nights after. After all, this is what a good game must do.

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