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What Can The Google Assistant Do?

Phone with the Google Assistant

Everybody must admit that now that we have so many virtual assistants, life without them would seem very hard. At first, it was Apple’s Siri, the voice-activated companion which helped the user with a lot of tasks. After that, many more followed: Amazon’s Alexa or Cortana from Microsoft. All made to help us and guide us when we are lost. As a matter of fact, maybe the assistant with the most popularity growth within recent years is Alexa, from Amazon. However, there is another one which Android phone users will most likely use very much in the near future: the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant

You may already be using it either on your phone, on other devices or on Google Home. It was first available with Google’s very popular Pixel smartphone. Now, those people with other types of Android phones will be able to meet it too, soon. It is worth noting that the virtual assistant needs the Android Marshmallow or the upcoming Nougat operating systems to function. Still, does everybody really know what the Google Assistant can and cannot do? Firstly, in order to activate the assistant on your phone, you simply need to hold down the home button while saying “OK Google”.

It is important to know that the Google Assistant is very good at reminding the user about certain things. For example, you can tell it to set your alarm clock or to set an important date on the calendar without you having to actually type in anything. Also, the assistant can offer you directions, remind you about certain appointments or even make reservations at restaurants for you.

The helpful virtual friend

The Google Assistant can also keep you entertained. If you ask it to play your favorite songs, it will immediately direct you to YouTube or Google Play. Moreover, if you have thousands of photos in your phone, your virtual friend can help you find a certain one, from a specific trip you were on a few years ago. Plus, if you find yourself puzzled by a question, you can always ask the assistant to search for the answer and provide it to you.

Those are just the main things the Google Assistant can do for you. It is really a helpful virtual hand for the times when you feel overwhelmed by the many things you need to do.

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