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Could the iPhone 7S be Better than the Next One?

iPhone 7 Plus model

Apple’s next iPhone event is months away. However, the way it happens before any major release, rumors have begun circulating regarding the next iPhone. Will it be better than the Samsung Galaxy S8? Will it change the smartphones forever? We do not even have an official name for it, many calling it either iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Still, could the 7S model prove to be better and most importantly, more user-friendly than the next device from Apple? Entirely possible, especially considering some very important factors.

The next iPhone and the rumors around it

If we are to believe the latest rumors, Apple will design the next iPhone to be bezel-less, have a curved glass front and will most likely remove the home button. It sounds very familiar indeed. Also, it might even have a dual camera system and a facial recognition one. Those are all good news which will undoubtedly make the next iPhone keep up with the smartphone evolution. However, Apple is used to revolutionizing technology and will most likely try to take the device one step further in their efforts to destroy any competition.

Rumor has it that Apple will introduce a fingerprint sensor under the phone’s display. However, according to some recent leaks, the company might move it altogether to the back of the phone. If this is true, it might prove to be the first huge mistake Apple is going to make. Samsung has been receiving harsh criticism because it moved the sensor on the back of the S8 model. It makes it hard to reach and people will most likely smudge the camera lens while trying to unlock their phone. At the same time, some might say that Huawei made the right move by repositioning the sensor from the back to the front of their new P10 device.

Apple must be careful

All in all, Apple must be really careful because this is just one major trap in which it can fall. There are numerous other ones, and if the next iPhone will fail to impress, especially after the release of the Galaxy S8 model, things might not look too good for the company. The price of the device will also be a very important factor and might even prove to be crucial in the next iPhone’s destiny.

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