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Google Plans Ad Blocking Feature for Chrome

Google Chrome

According to fresh information from a new report, Google is planning to introduce an ad blocking feature to its Chrome browser. The feature will reportedly be available for both the mobile and desktop versions of the browser. Users will be able to turn it on by default. This may come as a big surprise, considering the fact that Google makes a big chunk of its money from online advertisements.

An ad blocking feature

However, according to some people familiar with the company’s plan, Google has not changed its strategy. This move is meant more as a defensive measure. The company is planning to announce this new feature in a few weeks. However, the same sources said that by introducing its own ad blocker, Chrome will expect people to stop using other such features on the market. When they will turn it on, Google will allow only certain ads to run on web pages. So, it will not completely block everything, but only the ads that are not useful for the company.

It is interesting to note that there is a project called “Acceptable Ads”, which belongs to Eyeo, the developer of AdBlock Plus. Google is actually paying to be part of this program. This program actually allows only certain ads to pass through the blocker’s filters. Many of them are considered a threat by the advertising companies. The Coalition for Better Ads will be the one to decide which ads are acceptable. Google is part of this coalition too.

Google refuses to comment

However, in a Wednesday statement, Google refused to comment on the rumors. The only thing the company confirmed was that it has indeed been working with the Coalition for Better Ads. They did this in order to better the experience of their users. According to a survey in which 25,000 people participated, the pop-up adds are the ones which mobile users prefer the least. Meanwhile, desktop users said that pop-ups along with the auto-playing videos with sound and the large ads are the most annoying. All in all, it seems like Google is planning to protect its users from offending and annoying ads. However, it plans to also let through only those ads which benefit the company.

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