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Google Earth Keeps Getting Better and Better

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Google Earth is maybe one of the most popular software the company ever introduced. People spend time globe-trotting every day and virtually fulfill their dreams of visiting the most hidden corners of the planet. On Tuesday, the service received a big update which revamped it almost completely and made people fall in love with it once again.

The revamped Google Earth

Google Earth received its last major update about two years ago. However, it seems like the globe-trotting service has become a very important part of the company. In October last year, it received a new virtual reality upgrade in the form of a new version. Now, Google deiced that it was time to make it even better.

One very important change Google introduced is the fact that you no longer have to install the Google Earth app on your device. You can simply go to its URL in Chrome and access it from there. This new addition will make the service even easier to use and share with your friends. So, expect a lot more Google Earth on the social media platforms from now on. Google will also introduce an iOS version of the app, as well as support for the other browsers too. However, those who use the Android app have an advantage. They can send some very interesting digital postcards to their friends, showing them the places they virtually visited.

The “Voyager”

However, maybe the most important new feature which Google introduced is the “Voyager”. Thanks to Google’s partnership with BBC Earth and DigitalGlobe, users will be able to access interesting information if they click on the ship’s wheel icon. For example, one can search for a specific topic and Google Earth will offer them details about that topic, will show them photos and even reveal specific locations. The Voyager can also show visitors normal videos as well as 3D videos.

This feature is meant as a mix of entertainment and learning, very useful for children, for example. Instead of searching on Wikipedia, they can now access Google Earth and also see real images of the topic they want to learn more about. Also, if you click on the “I’m feeling lucky!” button, the app will randomly choose a destination for you to visit. It is a great way to pass time, and with the addition of Voyager, people can now also learn new and interesting things about our planet.

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