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Facebook Denies it Needed Three Hours to Take Down Murder Video

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Facebook reportedly denied that it needed three hours to take down the horrifying live video of a murder, posted by Steve Stephens, a Cleveland man, named “the Facebook killer”. On Sunday, the man live-streamed himself on Facebook while he shot 74-year old Robert Godwin, on the street.

A murder on live-stream

Facebook released an official statement. In it, the company is explaining why it took so long for them to take down the video. Also, it tells people that this horrible happening goes against everything the company believes in and stands for. The tech giant also stated that it needs to do better in the future and not let something like this ever happen again. Moreover, it promised to further review the reporting process of the live-video and even released a timeline of events, for the people to understand why it sometimes can take a bit longer for a revolting video to disappear.

According to what Facebook said, Stephens posted the first video detailing his intention to murder someone at 11:09 a.m. Then, 11:11, he posed the gruesome video in which he shoots the innocent man. At 11:22, Stephens live-streamed his confession for a full 5 minutes. People reported the live-stream immediately after it ended. So, about two hours passed until Facebook managed to finally take it down.

The murderer is free

As for Stephens, he is reportedly still free. According to the Cleveland authorities, there is a manhunt going on in five states: Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan. The problem is that in the confession video, Stephens said that he was going to kill more people. Schools in Philadelphia were put on lockdown while the authorities were investigating a possible sighting of the murderer in that area. The police are also offering $50,000 for any information about Stephens’ whereabouts. At the moment, nobody knows murder history or if this is the first time he did it.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Facebook received criticism. Especially over the slow way in which it is dealing with controversial content. Back in January, someone also live-streamed a video of a beating on the social-media platform. At the time, people complained about the very long time it took the company to remove that video.

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