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People Should Not Rush to Buy the New Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus

Each time there is a new and interesting device, people often hurry to either place a pre-order or to buy the gadget right away. However, this might not be the best thing you can do, especially if that device is the new smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ models. It is not that the phone is not qualitative, but the company’s history should make people more cautious than ever. Let’s not forget what happened with the Note 7 device, the exploding batteries and finally, the costly recall and end of the production.

It is better not to go head first

Firstly, the new device costs quite a lot, at about $750. So, it would be a shame to rush and buy it, only to discover that something is not right. Or, that it is simply not for your taste. Secondly, Samsung refused to provide an early review for their new smartphone. Still, some tech experts analyzed the device before its release and came to the conclusion that it is indeed one of the best smartphones on the market. However, they too warned people about the striking design changes, especially the removal of the home button and the fingerprint sensor placed on the back of the device.

Now, it seems like experts are warning people to be a little bit more careful. Especially after what happened with the Note 7 model. Also, there is that period of time after the release when not every issue is fixed. Also, when companies are still trying to adjust their devices to the requests of the public. So, it would be better to wait a few months and let them do what they need to do. Only then buy the smartphone, when it is surely ready to be used at its full capacity.

Changes which might not please everyone

One of the biggest reasons why people should a wait a little is the completely revamped design of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices. The screen is larger than its predecessor. Plus, it is bezel-less and it does not have a physical home button, like the previous models. Then there are the complaints about the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. It is reportedly too close to the camera lens. Many have said this will indeed affect the quality of the photos. People will surely smear the lens instead of touching the sensor to unlock the phone.

Those are just a few reasons why people should wait to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones. There is nothing wrong with waiting, especially if you are waiting for something better and more chiseled.

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