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Instagram Introduces Pinterest-Like Collection Feature

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Recently, Instagram announced a new feature which will allow its users to create various Collections from the posts they like the most. It is worth noting that the very popular app has been going through a series of changes this past year. At first, it changed its logo and design, turning it into a colorless one. Then, they changed the feed algorithm and introduced the highly popular and as some call it, Snapchat clone, InstaStories feature. As a result, its popularity grew even more and now, the app is doing better than ever.

Create your own Collection!

One of the most recent changes Instagram has made was to introduce the possibility for users to save posts they liked. According to the people at Instagram, this has proved successful. So, in order to take this one step further, the app is now allowing its users to sort the posts they liked and saved into Collections.

You can create a collection in two different ways. First, when you open the bookmark page on your profile, you will be able to click on the plus icon on the top corner. After that, you will need to select the images you want to put into a collection and even give it a suitable name. A user can also introduce an image into a collection by tapping and holding the bookmark icon which will appear on a specific image. Instagram has assured people that their collections will be completely private. However, if history teaches us anything is to not believe that everything is permanent. Instagram might soon change its mind.


However, many have said that this new Instagram feature reminds them of something else: Pinterest. And if we are to guide ourselves after what happened to Snapchat after InstaStories was born, things are not looking bright for Pinterest. This new feature might also become a way for companies to share their products through carefully organized collections. We will see how successful this new feature is going to be. Still, considering what happened to each Instagram addition, we can expect Pinterest to lose some of its users in favor of Instagram, which has managed to gather some very popular features into only one app. After all, nobody wants to have dozens of apps on their phones and would rather have one, but very useful.

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