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Samsung Aware of Galaxy S8 Display Issue

Samsung Galaxy S8

It seems that a big number of Korean customers who could not wait and pre-ordered the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone have claimed that their devices have a display issue. According to them, the displays of the smartphones have multiple red dots on it.

Red tints on the screen

Many of them even posted some images on some very popular tech community websites, in order to prove that what they are saying is real and that the phone indeed has a display issue. For example, on Tuesday morning, the subject of the red tints on the Galaxy S8’s display was one of the most searched topics on Naver, South Korea’s most important search engine. After this problem emerged, many customers took to Internet to find out more information about the bizarre small red dots on their devices’ screen.

Many customers reportedly went to numerous service centers to try and fix their phones. However, they were apparently told that their phones have a bigger problem and might need to be changed. For the moment, nobody has made an independent verification of those claims. So, it is uncertain if they are indeed real or just inventions.

Samsung’s opinion

As for the company, Samsung admitted that the devices might come with some small red tints on the display. However, it encouraged customers to go to the phone’s setting and change the configuration. According to them, the dots are not a quality issue. They have to do with an option which is not the way it should be. On Tuesday, Samsung began shipping the smartphones to their clients in South Korea. And those who pre-ordered them will be able to use them immediately, apparently without any issue.

It is interesting to note that Samsung said just last week that it is expecting about 1 million pre-orders for their new Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices, in South Korea alone. This is a huge step forward from the situation the company has been battling, with their Note 7 device. The company had to end the production for the phone last year. They took this decision after numerous claims of the phones catching fire or even exploding surfaced. With the new models, Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung hopes to redeem itself and regain the trust of their customers.

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