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The Amazing World of Yooka Laylee Game

Yooka Laylee screenshot
Yooka Laylee is meant to provide the old-school platformer experience for all fans.

Yooka Laylee gained its popularity, being one of the most successful game Kickstarter. Initially, the game appeared as a Kickstarter which had an insignificant purpose. Due to fans’ attention and the help of some of the developers from Rare, the game surpassed its initial Kickstarter goal, further developing the objective of the game.

This game bring back memories regarding Banjo Kazooie

Yooka Laylee was initially developed to be a Rare platformer, being designed by developers who used to work on some of the most powerful platformers for Nintendo 64. The new Yooka Laylee contains the personality and charm of a classic Rare game. Gamers who also played Banjo Kazooie on Nintendo 64 console will feel nostalgic when discovering that the save screen, and the main menu of the new game bring back some memories.

Those who are not yet accustomed to this type of game should not expect the game to be focused on a story because, above all, this is a platformer. Nevertheless, there is a basic storyline which unfolds in the opening scenes, but the game does not have much to offer storywise. Yooka Laylee has a simple story premise. The player needs to gather all the pages from several magical books which were once taken away from you by the villain known as Capital B.

Initially, Yooka Laylee appeared as a Kickstarter

Some may say that this character looks just like Guru in ‘Despicable Me.’ The character has a sidekick named Dr. Quack, a robotic duck. These are the standard villains in an old-school platformer. The quality of the main characters’ design is exceedingly good compared to other characters in the game. The primary purpose of the game’s villains is to gather all the literature in the world and transform it into a business. Nevertheless, it all depends on Laylee and Yooka to stop the wicked plan.

When Playtonic announced that they want to return to the roots of old-school platformers, they really meant it. The design of the good looks very much like the one used for the previous Rare platformers. The game does not provide a map for gamers, so they need to use their visual memory and skills to progress and reveal the secrets. The secrets a player needs to search for consist in Pages, Quills and several other objects.

The world of this game has almost two hundred Quills. Most gamers might enjoy collecting all these objects. Even if the game is enjoyable, for some, it might seem frustrating due to some design flaws.

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