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Nintendo announced 12 New Switch Games during Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Switch console

During the Nintendo Direct event on Wednesday, the company revealed some new titles. Those will be coming to their Nintendo Switch console, later this year. The lineup looks solid and it is made up of 12 new titles, apart from the big names like Minecraft, ARMS, Splatoon 2 and a new amiibo. Fans will be able to play those games on their Switch consoles starting this year.

Lots of new games

The first game Nintendo announced was Project Mekuru. Back in January, at the Nintendo Switch reveal event, this game made a brief appearance. However, since then, nobody found out anything new about it. Now, it seems like we know some fresh details. The showed a four-player battle mode for the game and revealed that it is made by developer Over Fence. There is still much to be revealed, but at least we now have some new info on Project Mekuru.

Payday 2 was also announced during Wednesday’s event and it will be released or Switch this year. The game was actually launched back in 2013, and since then, it constantly received support. Their DLCs included a number of famous pop culture movies and games like John Wick, Hotline Miami and Goat Simulator. This year, during the holiday season, Sonic Forces will come out for the Nintendo Switch and for other platforms. The game will feature two different versions of the popular hedgehog. A modern one and a classic one. Those versions will need to work together in order to defeat an evil threat.

New titles for Nintendo Switch

Fate/Extella will also reportedly be coming to the Nintendo Switch console. Little is known about this title apart from the fact that it is an action-oriented game. During it, players will need to battle and defeat huge waves of enemies. Puyo Puyo Tetris is another interesting title which will come to the Switch this year. This is actually a combination of SEGA’s puzzle series Puyo Puyo and the classic Tetris game.  A version of Monopoly will also be available for the Nintendo Switch, but no other details have emerged for now.

Sonic Mania was actually one of the main attractions of the event. It features the classic 2D Sonic style game, it has some levels which have been remade and also, new Sonic games. All in all, it seems like fans of the Nintendo Switch console will be very happy with all those new titles, after waiting for so long for something new to play.

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