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OnePlus 5 Might Be Better than the Galaxy S8

OnePlus 5 smarphone

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 device is already breaking pre-order records. Everyone is talking about it and how it is maybe the best smartphone on the market at the moment and a step forward for the company. However, while everybody is busy with the more popular companies and their new releases, a rather small company in China is preparing something big. According to rumors, they plan on manufacturing the biggest Android challenger. It is a new smartphone with very advanced specifications, a cool design, a good camera, but much cheaper. The company’s name is OnePlus and their smartphone will be called OnePlus 5 and will cost about $300 less than a usual, current generation Android smartphone.

The OnePlus 5

It is interesting to note that the company skipped the device number 4, because of the Chinese tradition according to which this number brings bad luck. Even if OnePlus is nowhere near capable of investing in such a huge marketing campaign as Samsung for example, the so-called “flagship killer” should have potential if it will deliver what the company promised. Those are all rumors for now, but some of them might prove to be true after all.

Firstly, the company will move away from the very basic design of the OnePlus 2 and 3. So, rumor has it that the new device will have an almost bezel-less design. It may even have an “all-screen” face, inspired by the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Moreover, the One Plus 5 will no longer have a physical home button. Also, it will have its fingerprint sensor on its back. It all sounds very Samsung-like, but maybe the sensor on the back is not such a good idea. Especially after the complaints the company received after S8’s release.

The specifications

As for the specifications of the new smartphone, the OnePlus 5 will supposedly come with 8GB of RAM. This is more than any other phone on the market right now. The  Snapdragon 835 processor will power the new smartphone. The camera is also a very interesting subject. Rumor has it that the OnePlus 5 might have a 23MP rear camera and 16MP front one. The rear cam might also have two lenses ,with optical image stabilization. All in all, it the new OnePlus 5 will indeed deliver according to the rumors, we might really have a “flagship killer”. Especially with a price of less than $500.

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