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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumor Round Up

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

When Samsung revealed its Galaxy Note 7 device in 2016, the company thought it could finally battle a rather modest and not very innovative iPhone 7. Along with their Galaxy S7 smartphone, the battle seems almost won. However, the batteries of the Note 7 device had some issues and soon, the devices started catching fire while charging. Many reports of exploding phones were coming from all over the world, and some people even got injured because of this problem. After the situation got out of control, Samsung issued the biggest recall in tech history and one which cost them billions. It was a real disaster for the company. However, it seems like Samsung is not stopping here and they might soon reveal the next device in the Note series.

Galaxy Note 8

After what happened with the exploding Note 7, many wondered if Samsung would have the courage to keep on making smartphones in the Note series. It seems like they are brave enough to do it. According to a report, the company is planning to unveil the new Note 8 device later this year. There are even some rumors going around concerning what the new phone might bring.

In January, Samsung mobile chief D.J. Koh indeed said that the company would release a new Note device this year. However, he failed to mention any certain date or how the phone will be like. Still, if we are to keep in mind that Samsung usually released their Note devices during summer, it might happen this year too. This might also come as a response to the new iPhone, generically called “8” for now, which usually comes out during fall.

The design

As for the phone’s design, some are saying that the device will also draw from the Galaxy S8. Maybe, it will come with a curved screen. Also, it will be almost bezel-less and without a physical home button, just like the S8. However, if this will be the case, the phone will look too much like the company’s freshly-released smartphone. This made many people simply ignore those rumors and wait for official information from the company. The device might come with a 6.4-inches screen, which will allow users to tap around with the S Pen stylus. Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, might also make an appearance on the new device.

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